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Our most popular electronic resources from library reference books, newspapers and academic journals. This is way better than searching the web. All you need is your Fresno County library card.

 Kids Search  (K-5th grade) 
 Current events, animals, encyclopedia entries, photos. 

Student Research Center (6th - 12th grade)
A little bit of everything you need for research papers.

Biography Reference Center
Perfect for a report on a famous person.

 Newspaper So urce Plus
 U.S. Newspaper articles.

Points of View Reference Cen ter
 Made for "pro/con" assignments!

 Learning Express 
 Study tools for grades 4th-12. Practice taking the SAT, ACT, AP exams and other college prep tests.

 Search newspapers and children's magazines across a wide variety of topics.

There are more great resources like these on our Library's main Research It page.


Have you ever been a student of Khan Academy? It's a super helpful website, totally FREE, that helps you with your homework. Watch videos on just about anything, from art to zoology. Practice math problems, basic to difficult. Having trouble understanding a subject at school? Type in the topic and there's sure to be something that will help you. Try it!

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